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At The Tora Seishin Academy we offer training in Shotokan Karate and ABC Combat with Tai Chi, Kobudo and more coming soon!
Shotokan Karate
The word karate means "empty hand" - Kara meaning empty and Te meaning hand.   The master who founded Shotokan karate was Gichin Funakoshi.  He was born in Shuri, Okinawa on November 10th 1868.  After entering primary school Gichin Funakoshi became good friends with the son of his first karate teacher ,Anko Asato.  After leaving school Funakoshi became an assistant teacher in classical Chinese and Japanese philosophies.  It was during this time that he spent  many evenings at the Asato  family residence receiving karate training.  As well as being a karate master Funakoshi was an avid poet and philopsher. The Name "Shotokan" was derived from Funakoshi's pen "shoto" and his first training hall "kan".  Shoto meaning pines waves and kan meaning house or school.  So the meaning of Shotokan is house of pine waves.
  In 1936 Funakoshi built the first Shotokan dojo in Tokyo a true landmark in karate's history.  In 1955 the Japan Karate Association(JKA) was established with Funakoshi as chief instructor. Sadly on  April  26th 1957 Gichin Funakoshi died aged 88 years old, leaving his legacy in Shotokan Karate for all of us practitioners who love karate. We owe Gichin Funakoshi thanks and respect and we will honour his memory by giving all we can in the art of Shotokan karate.
ABC Combat
The ABC Combat System was developed by Chris Crudelli as a result of his extensive research for his martial arts encyclopedia, “The Way of the Warrior”.

He uncovered information on a little-known ancient sword fighting system developed by a Japanese master who taught young officers use of the sword based on strokes of the Kanji (Chinese characters which are used in the Japanese writing system). Chris recognised what a powerful and effective method of learning like this would be: the often obscure techniques used in martial arts can be tough to recall under pressure. By creating a link with the subconscious mind with the letters, or characters, from everyday use, the techniques would become almost instinctive.

So Chris developed a whole new system based on the modern English alphabet.

The ABC Combat System is so effective that Chris has taught it to members of the UK's elite Marine Corps, Ministry of Defence and Special Forces personnel, close protection specialists and black belt martial artists from around the world.
Sensei Karina has trained extensively with Chris Crudelli and is trained to instructor level.  Come and learn this exciting system and have the chance to meet Chris at seminars and gradings, be part of an exciting growing system.