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Membership and Prices

Training and Membership

Annual membership fees

Membership will run from January to December each year.

With membership you get one of the following -

A free Karate suit to those students training in karate.

A free Dacayana T shirt.


£30 for Juniors.

£30 for Seniors.

£55 for a family of three or more.


Licence Fees

Licences are compulsory for all students. These insure the students to train.

Licences per person are £12 - regardless of age.

Training fees

 Standard package

 On the standard package the students have unlimited training in one discipline.


£30 single student (adult or child)    £50 siblings/2 immediate family members (2 only)               

 Add £10 for each additional family member.

 For extra disciplines add £20 to each  standard package per person.

 Gold package

This package Includes unlimited training in one discipline at the academy and all grading’s (no grading fees)

 £35 Single student (adult or child)   £60 siblings /2 immediate family members (2 only).

 Add £15 for each additional family member.


Platinum package

 This package includes unlimited training in one discipline at the academy plus all grading’s and one hours private tuition. The private tuition is to be taken as a package and not for each individual member. Example - one hour per family not each member of that family.

  £55 single member (adult or child)            £75 siblings/2 immediate  family members (2 only)

 Please add £20 for additional family members.

 Private Sessions to be booked on a Saturday or Sunday and arranged with Sensei in advanced. Failure to take or missing your private tuition one month will not be carried over to the next month and no fees will be refunded in this case.

 If you have any questions about the following packages please email them to me at [email protected]

 If you don’t see a package you like then please contact us and we will put together a tailor made package for your training needs and requirements.



 Sensei Karina and Richard







£15 each for juniors and seniors - this includes a professional certificate for the students who are successful with their belts and a trophy for the most spirited grader.

The Tora Seishin Academy teach out of pleasure.  We at the Tora Seishin Academy do not believe in extorting large amounts of money for the training and that is why we believe the prices we are offering are very good.

All Fees are listed for you to get started. The most important part is getting the licences sorted as these are your insurance cover to train and allow you to grade.

If you have difficulty in the beginning in paying membership, licence and training fees then we are happy for you to pay licence fee one month and then membership the next month. Please note we can not order your free suits/ t shirts until membership has been paid.