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Grading Payment


£10 Trail Offer


 Embroidered Badge for Karate suit

Number of badges
Name of student/s

Training Fees
To Set up payment for your monthly training it is very simple. 
Just click the subscribe button To the package you are having below and It will take you through the process. 
To see the packages available please take a look at the membership and prices page or the training packages page in your welcome pack
Standard Package
Students name(family name)
Gold Package
payment options
Students Name (Family name)
Platinum Package
Payment Options
Students name (Family name).
You do not need a paypal account to set up payment this way.
Annual Membership
To pay your annual membership fees please click the pay now button below
Membership runs from January to December each year. Please see terms and condtions in your welcome pack.
Please fill out a membership form, available from your Sensei.
Membership type
Students name/s
Annual Licence
To pay Your Annual licence fee please click the pay  button below.  Your Licence runs from the time you purchase it for 12 months.  It is the students responsibility to renew the licence every  year.  YOU CANNOT GRADE WITHOUT ONE!
Please fill out a Licence application, available from your Sensei.
Student name