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About The Tora Seishin Academy

The Tora Seishin Academy is the life long dream of Karina and Richard Whittington. Karina and Richard have 25 years combined martial arts experience. The idea for the academy was born in 2006 when Karina finally felt as if she had the qualities to perhaps do this and as she thought more about it the ideas flowed until in her head she had a functional martial arts academy. This became a passion almost an obsession. Over the next 4 years Karina and Richard trained hard in the martial arts with their goal, dream in mind. The dream to run their own martial arts academy became a reality in 2010. Karina and Richard decided to put their plans into action and go for it. Karina felt very strongly about having a strong family influence at the academy and with this in mind she decided the academy would be heavily family orientated. She felt this was important because her and her own family had struggled and shared training for years and she wanted to give famillies the opportunity to train learn and enjoy martial arts together.

The academy is new and exciting and Karina believes it will be a success because she has the passion and enthusiasm to make it one. Who doesn't want to do a job they love. Karina and Richard both love martial arts and can think of nothing better than passing on their passion to students everyday.

Karina and Richard are both Enhanced CRB checked. They are also members of the Cobra Martial Arts Association. This association offers extensive support for it's members and the head of this organisation is Andrew Morrell an experienced martial artist and Inspector for the Manchester police force. The C.M.A.A offers regular training in coaching, child protection, health and safety and many more. At the Tora Seishin Academy you can rest assured you are receiving instruction for you and your children under the strict guidelines necessary for todays society.

The Tora Seishin Academy holds professional indemnity, public liability, libel and slander insurances.

Come and join us in this exciting journey. If we can do it, you can do it. Martial arts for the whole family