Here some of the parents of students at the Academy have left testimonials, about theirs and their childs experiences of training and being part of our Martial Arts family.


  • Learning Karate has proven to be a great benefit to my boys on several occasions. It has given them a sense of discipline towards their school work and shown them the importance of a calm approach to a task they undertake.
    Their self confidence is evident in the way they carry themselves. They know how to protect and defend themselves and so do not fear those around them. They are not aggressive; they are calm, with a sense of fairness. Being at the Tora Seishin Academy has taught them how to avoid physics aggression by standing up calmly, with confidence to defend themselves and stay safe.  
    A real family friendly atmosphere, where older students pass on their skills and knowledge in a collective, encouraging environment. Sensei Karina’s approach is warm, with positive reinforcement to celebrate individual achievement and progress. She meets the needs of all children in the dojo so they may reach their full potential. AMAZING!!

Gina Hayward

  • My son has been attending Tora Seishin Academy for over 4 years and cannot recommend it highly enough. Sensei Karina is the most patient understanding teacher. He has learnt so much over the years from discipline to resilience all while having fun and making friends. 

Belinda Parker



  • "Starting at 7 years old, my daughter has throughly enjoyed working her way up through the Karate belts under the tuition of Sensei Karina and the Tora Seishin Academy.
    On the Autistic spectrum, and suffering with Dyspraxia, sensory processing, and a learning disability including attention deficit, the difference Karate has made to her has been incedible.
    Her continually improving balance and co-ordination, spacial awareness, confidence, communication and ability to follow instructions and the disciplines. We have shared in her pride and absolute delight when achieving each belt levels".
    Helen Bradshaw


  • Karina has been teaching my children Rufus 9 and Rose 7 for several years now, not only is the club teaching them a skill and great fun the lessons also teach discipline, physicality, social skills and leadership skills. The lessons are always a wonderful mix of core individual skills, group skills activities and a bit of fun (with some physical training) such as dodge-ball.

 Karina always manages to keep the whole group happy whilst tailoring things to individuals, be they an exceptional student; struggling student or a student who may not have quite the level of concentration needed. The lessons often involve students supporting and aiding each other; in this way Karina not only ensures everyone gets the maximum amount of learning but also does a wonderful job of teaching the kids to be supportive, leaders and teachers in their own way.

Si Flanagan