Tai Chi

Tai chi tora   Karina is an instructor under the Tai Chi for health Banner. The tai chi program was developed to gain maximum benefits from the tai chi movements as well as being able to explore and improve certain health conditions, such as Osteoporosis, Arthritis and Diabetes. This Tai Chi program was created by Dr paul Lam in Austrailia. It is taught worldwide and it's instructors are taught regular updates to ensure safe practice.

Karina began Tai Chi originally for the personal the health benefits she felt it offered her. She has arthritic knees, back pain, Asthma and intermittent high blood pressure. She enjoyed the relaxation this offered and loved the feel of 'moving meditation'that it gave her. As she developed her Tai chi skills more, she began to get more involved and decided to go for her instrictor training courses. She has run small local classes and has even taken it in to the local school, to help children relax and focus before their SATS exams. She continues to practice and does intermittent teaching but doesn't run regular classes currently.